Michael Gives Me Buttrflies


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Michael Gives Me Buttrflies
Hey everyone, it's my second day on LiVEJournal and I'm getting to learn things one step at a time, but I would really would like to know how to post your own picture as a background. If anyone knows and reads this, then would you please comment? Thanks! (:

So I've lately have been reading the Twilight series and it's AWESOME! Before I started reading the books, I knew about the story by the the 1st part, Twilight. When I saw the movie, it wasn't like the 'best movie ever', but it was a good movie. But when I actually read the series from a while ago, I was like "SUCH A GREAT STORY!" So I have read Twilight and now I am in the beginning of New Moon. (:

But it was a mistake of reading New Moon, cause the movie is going to come out soon in Kuwait.. Or has it? :S
But Hey, It's a good book to read! :P

This is about it for now! Thanks for reading and please help me of how to get your own picture as your background. It may be a silly question to some of you, but hey, I'm new on this site. Give me a break! :P
xoxo, Najla (:

Writer's Block: Memo to Myself
Michael Gives Me Buttrflies
I would tell to myself not to care what other kids in class do to me. It just makes them get more attention then they should. And follow your guts. :P

Tunes тнaт's Stuck into My Head . . . ;p
Michael Gives Me Buttrflies
So I got nothing else to do right now, so I decided to share with you guys what songs are stuck in my head by Michael Jackson! x]

1) Butterflies - Michael Jackson
2) Give In To Me - Michael Jackson
3) Unbreakable - Michael Jackson
4) Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson
5) P.Y.T - Michael Jackson

Hope you like these songs as much as I did! :]

Hello Everyone. =] (1st ever.. Ever!)
Man in the Mirror Icon. :p
Hey guys! I don't know where to start, but here I go. My name is Najla and I'm from Kuwait. I'm currently 15 and a 10th grader. I also like many artists such as Simple Plan, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Black Eyed Peas and many more, but my favorite musician is Michael Jackson! <33 He also is a great role model for me and many other people! =]

The reasons why I Really love him is that he is a one of a kind artist. In that, I mean that he doesn't only sings about love and breakups about girls, he also cares about the world and the children and has interesting songs! The other reason that he is an amazing dancer! Seriously, his moves at concerts and shows are awesome and unique! Michael also cares about his fans and the children around the world; he has a big heart. Unlike being snobby and stuck up like certain celebrities... Oh did I mention he's very very veryyy beautiful?! Especially his eyes, those stunning eyes!!

Oh sorry about that.. It's not my fault he's hot! I have some more reasons, but I really don't want anyone to get bored with the entry.. lol :P

Anyway, I haven't been his fan since 1994.. I have been his fan since he passed away, unfortunatly.. :( After discovering who Michael Jackson really was on YouTube videos, I wish I became one years ago! But it's alright, I geuss. Atleast I now know who Michael Jackson really was, and love him and his music very much, that matters.. Right? =] Oh and not forget to get posters and his albums! lol

That's about it now, but hopefully I'll get to meet MJ Fans, and post more interesting things! Haha x)
Okey.. Later Guys! :)
xoxo, Najla. (:

^^ This is a picture that was supposed to be on my YouTube account as a BackGround. Yes, my account is called iSmileForChocolate. Haha x)


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